A movement of women & girls worldwide who unite through intention, song, & dance

to uplift humanity

Global Women and Girls' Heart Dance brings women and girls together to awaken humanity to the interconnectedness of all life through the power of unified intention and affirmative song and dance.  Our initiatives call upon women and girls to embody and share their feminine wisdom to facilitate global healing.


Join your global sisterhood

in offering a healing intention to the world through song & dance

Women and girls worldwide are uniting through intention, song, and dance to radiate love and compassion for all hearts to receive, affirm the availability of abundance, and offer gratitude to the Earth for providing resources that benefit life.  Join your global sisterhood in reverberating a healing intention to the world by performing our official song and dance.

Women and girls perform our official song and dance in unison annually, as well as, on an on-going basis to cultivate a current of healing energy.

The official song & dance

Make the song your own using the lyrics provided.  Dance with passion for life.

"Mother Earth, we thank you" (x3)

Allow arms to fall toward the Earth in gratitude (x3)


"We receive life, and give to it" (x3)

Raise hands to sky (receive life), bring hands to the heart and then to the sky (give to life) (x3)


"Feel our love" (x3)

Bring hands together in front of the heart, and then extend arms out in front of heart and to either side of body (x3)

Submit a video

of you performing the song & dance

Your video will help create awareness of Global Women and Girls' Heart Dance and will enable increased attendance and amplified healing impact of future events.


Submit your video by tagging us on social media and emailing us the link at connect@allwomen-allgirls.com. We will share videos that reflect the essence of our cause on our website and social sites.



Stand with us

Community leaders, artists, public figures, and organizations that support our vision of raising global consciousness through female empowerment are invited to join our growing list of endorsements.  Showing your support of our cause will enable us to bring awareness of our initiative to more women and girls, while gaining exposure for your work.  Send us your logo to be added to the endorsement section of our website and announced across our social media sites.

We want to hear from you

Suggest a form of participation, collaboration, or leadership

Maximize global healing

Help us get the word out about our cause



Global Women and Girls' Heart Dance is an initiative organized by No Ordinary Encounter, LLC.

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